About Us

Learn why and how BrowseU was created

BrowseU was created simply by the pressure that student loan debt has put not only on ourselves here, but along with millions of other Americans. Student loans are a HUGE problem individually and as a whole in this country. Total debt has surpassed $1.3 Trillion and over 40 million Americans currently hold student loan debt. Our goal is to do everything possible to help chip away at this debt and relieve our users of this financial burden.

We want to give money to every single person that holds any amount of student loan debt. Whether you're 18 and just took out a loan for your first semester or you're 45 and still making monthly payments. However we can't do this alone. Working as a community we can generate enough money to help everyone. And we've created the simplest system to achieve this. A search engine.

Just by browsing the web, looking up information, or digging for a photo as you normally do multiple times throughout the day you can help millions of Americans including yourself. Search engines generate revenue from advertising. Normally this all goes into that company's pockets, but here at BrowseU we share that money with you.