How it Works

Discover how BrowseU works

BrowseU is the search engine that helps pay your student loans. It works the same way as any other search engine you might currently be using. You can search for news, information, videos, websites, images, you name it. The difference is we give back to our users in the form of student loan payments. We’re able to do this by sharing our advertising revenue.

Signing up for BrowseU automatically places you into our Queue. This is a list of users generated in the order that they signed up. We fund one person at a time starting at the top of the Queue. As our users browse the web using the BrowseU search engine, advertising revenue is generated towards the current user’s Funding Bar. Once the Funding Bar reaches 100% we cut a check for that user and move onto the next person in line.

Every user is eligible for a $500 student loan payment just for signing up. This can be increased to a maximum of $2000 by completing our various social media and referral achievements. It’s 100% free to sign up and use our search engine. Even if you don’t have student loans you can still get a place in line. We allow you to donate your position to an eligible person once it’s your turn for funding.

We’ve taken a free tool that people already use on a daily basis and turned it into something that can really make a difference. Choose BrowseU as your new search engine and help us give back to our users, including you. Together we can be a vital tool in solving this nationwide problem.